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Alright guys here we go week 2… embrace the Dumbbells!! Heats will run: Friday – 5pm to 7pm Saturday – 9am to 11am Please contact Coach Mike for special accommodations. Scaled options: Men 35# DB Women 20# DB Both perform hanging knew raises and chin over bar pull ups Masters 55+: Men 35# DB Women 20# DB Both perform toes to bar and chest to bar pull ups Scaled Masters 55+: Men 20# DB Women 10# DB Both will perform sit ups and jumping chest to bar pull ups Can’t wait to see you all this weekend. Even if you are not signed up for the open we would still love to have you come out to get your sweat on and cheer on your teammates!! #sanjose #community #CrossFitGames #CrossFitOpen #InTheOpen #17point2 #crossfit #fitness #strong #dumbbells #gymnastics

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Hey Everyone! We are holding an Open Kick Off Party next week, Friday the 17th during Open Gym time from 5-7pm. We will be holding a viewing of either The Fittest on Earth or Every Second Counts. Two great Crossfit movies to help motivate everyone for the Open! Remember the Open will start that following week! First workout released on the 23rd! Open Gym will still be in full effect on the Weightlifting Side of the gym if you still want to get your sweat on. Hope to see all who plan to compete this year!

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Good Luck to our Masters athletes (Julie, Tim, & Christi) competing in the @norcal_masters competition today! . . . . . #competition #crossfit #masters #athlete #strong #bayarea #norcal

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Hey Athletes! Happy New Year! lets kick it off with a bang and hit some more PR’s as we close out this cycle. One more week of maxes! Monday – We start with a double max day. Going for a clean max and then right into a deadlift max. The WOD is a short and heavy burner of Hang Power Cleans and HSPU’s. Tuesday – Going for the WOD first. It’s our weekly Low Intensity WOD. Rowing, KB Front Rack Holds, Lateral Step Ups, and Strict Chin Ups. Then we round out the class with Accessory Work. Working on Hollow to Superman (arch) rolls, Hollow Opens, and Pistol Box Squats. Wednesday – Going for a Push Press max this day. Get aggressive with these and drive hard. The WOD is old Open Wod 11.6, 7 Minutes of Awesomeness with Thrusters and C2B Pull Ups in a Ladder Format. After everyone has rested you’ll follow up with a 1 Arm Russian KB Swing Tabata. Thursday – Power Clean + Split Jerk Max to round out the maxes for the week. These are on a :90 sec interval increasing weight each round. The WOD is an Interval style workout with Burpee Box Overs, Power Snatches, and Cal Row. Big sets! Friday – Round out the week with some Back Squat Maintenance work. Just some moderately heavy doubles. The WOD is Baseline 2.0, my version of the original workout called Baseline. Row, Wallballs, T2B, Ring Dips, and MU’s. Time to sweat out all of that holiday food and drinks!

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Hey Athletes! I hope everyone is enjoying the Holidays! We have a normal schedule this week and are closed Saturday and Sunday again. This week we feature all named WOD’s in the programming. As well as a couple Max Lifts too. Should be Fun! Monday – We start with a Snatch 1RM Attempt. Get after it and go heavy! Then we hit Isabel! Hopefully those snatches will feel light! Tuesday – We start the action first with Annie. I know we have a few any experts out there. Here is your chance to go for an all-time best! We finish with accessory work featuring Staggered Push Ups, Elevated Ring Rows, and Partner Assisted Glute Ham Raises. Wednesday – We hit a Front Squat 1RM Attempt. Lets see what you got! Belt up and go big! Then we hit Elizabeth! Cleans and Ring Dips in the most classic rep scheme in Crossfit. Thursday – This is our Long Workout for the week. We are getting after Hero WOD Wood. Running Burpee Box Jumps, SDHP’s, Thruster’s and some Rests. Should be a blast! We round out class with Accessory work including Strict T2B, Max Vertical Jumps, and Side Bends. Friday – We end the week with a similar and Heavy Snatch Deadlift + Snatch Pull Complex. The WOD is G.I. Jane, Burpee Pull Ups, yes more Burpees. Learn to love them! Have a great week! Lets end this year strong!

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Congrats Christi Schwoob. CFSJ members killing it. #fitfam

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Hey Athletes! Sorry for the late post on the preview for the week but here it is! Back to a volume week. Also just a quick reminder that tomorrow is the start of the new weightlifting program as well the modified skills class schedule. Please check the posts below for details. Ok here we go! Monday – Deadlifts for strength. This week we move to a 4×4 for all strength work. These should be heavy! Sets followed by kipping dip practice. The WOD is a partner style workout, a little more on the technical side with HSPU, K2E, and Box Jumps. Find that partner that will push you! Tuesday – This is our Oly day this week. Lots of building percentage work to help build consistency. If technique isn’t feeling dialed in then lower the weights if needed. The WOD is a dirty Fran like burner with clusters and pull ups, this was a good one! Wednesday – Back Squats for strength, again a heavy 4×4. Sets followed by seated box jumps. Less reps than last time so try and go taller. The WOD is going to be a grip burner, an AMRAP with DB hang cleans, DB lunges, and DB burpees. Can anyone do it without setting the DB’s down?!? Thursday – This is our skill day this week. More muscle up practice and then some EMOM work to continue working those MU’s. There is also a focus on midline work in the EMOM with GHD sit ups and alternating supermans. The WOD is a 1,000m row test, its been a while since this has been tested, time to PR! Friday – Strict Press for strength, another 4×4 for some heavy presses. These will be paired up with DB/KB Bent Over Rows at a moderate load. Followed by a bodyweight chipper style workout with DU’s, running, and DB snatches. Get after that strength work this week!

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Hey Athletes! This week starts the new cycle. Shifting the focus around a little bit. A couple of things to expect is more strength work and an Advanced athlete option for WODs now as well. I hope you guys find the strength work fun and engaging and I hope the WODs push you! Here we go! Monday – Starting off the week with going for a Front squat 5RM. You will have 5 sets to establish this max. The WOD is a simple leg burner with running and DB Squat cleans. Tuesday – Lots of dip development this day. We worked static stability training last week, this week we get into negatives. As well as dip shrugs, a fun pull up complex and some gymnastics style core work. The WOD is a power focus conditioning EMOM with power cleans and box jumps. Wednesday – We have a fun snatch complex lined up going for max effort. Beginner athletes should work to mod weight and just keep it there for technique practice. The WOD is a bodyweight burner of an AMRAP with DU’s, Row, and burpees. Thursday – Hitting another squat day today. This time more focus on volume to build strength. Back squat 10×3 on a 2 min interval. The WOD has a classic 21-15-9 rep scheme with American swings, sit ups, and push ups. There is plenty of scale up options for those who want to push themselves on this one. Friday – Some more EMOM work with Oly and skills. Dip pause + Split Jerk (pause in split) on one min and kipping T2B the other min. Focusing on position for the jerk work with the dip pause and pause in split. Choose a rep count for the T2B work that allows you to maintain consistent technique. WOD is a tough interval style workout with front squats, push press/jerk, and running. Try to stay unbroken and push those rounds! Have fun this week!

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Check out the pics of everyone getting their fitness on during 16.2! Thanks to all the athletes, friends, family, judges, plate change pit crew members, photographers and coaches/owners. 2 down, 3 to go!

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Which team will be sporting these clamps during their training? #losbanos #crossfitvalleyview #lbnc

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Oh thrusters and double unders how we love you! ❤ @crossfitgames #AnotherLevelCrossfit #lodi #crossfit #anotherlevelcf #gamesopen #crossfitgames #friday #fridayvibes

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Battle Born CrossFit posted an article
Battle Born CrossFit posted an article
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@athletixrehab is in the house today for the second installment of their mobility series! Today we're looking at the shoulder and overhead/front rack positions. ⠀ #teamSOUL #Athletixrehab #mobility

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@crossfit has a mantra: Mechanics, Consistency, Intensity. This goes for all aspects of life really. @andyemke and @carebearsteph need to work on those high five mechanics, #lookattheelbow. #missedthemark #caughtonfilm #teamworkmakesthedreamwork @crossfitgames @crossfitaffiliates @progenex @progenexaffiliates #OpenGo

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New WOD: For time: 2,000m Row 200 Double unders 2 Mile Run Post times to comments and BTWB Sometimes it takes a little family support to get you through the workout. ... Click for more:

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17.4 ⬆️⬇️✖️5️⃣5️⃣ #intheopen #wallballs #crossfit #17point4 #upanddown

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#Repost @athletixrehab with @repostapp ・・・ Join us tomorrow morning, March 19 @10am for a Shoulder Mobility Workshop! Having pain reaching overhead? Stiff in the front rack position? Trouble with your lockout? Feeling instability in the shoulder? Learn how to address these issues with proper mobility drills, priming techniques, and positional modifications. #Athletix #Athletixrehab #getbackinthegame #PhysicalTherapy #DPT #CSCS #USAW #Physio #Rehab #CFSoul #TeamSoul #Kneehab #Compex #Graston #NormaTec #miami #brickell #coralgables #bodyandsoulmiami #snatch #crossfit #crossfitbodyandsoul #305 #305fitness @bodyandsoulmiami @crossfitsoul

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Here's what I got last night for 17.4! Hoping to have someone next week with a good camera!!!!

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"Consumers are finally catching on to the fact that what we put in our mouths effects our waistline as well as our health. Since consumers have become much smarter and finally waking up to these realities, they are demanding healthier food choices." "Big food companies are hiding ingredients they know we really don’t want to consume in their products. This time it’s the presence of a new version of high fructose corn syrup."

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17.4 has us feeling like...

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Huge morning for 17.4. Great work everyone!

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HERO Week hoodies looking good on this rainy Saturday morning. #notahobby

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PBR is back in the House! @slcilek brought some new hats for us. Grab one next time you're at the box. #brickhouseathlete #pbr

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Please like, share, and tag photos but do not edit them in any way.

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Saturday morning Thrusters! #moveliftplay #crossfittysonscorner #cftc #wod #crossfit #workoutoftheday #crossfitstrong #crossfitlife #fitlife #thrusters #squatlife #justdoit #tysonscorner #tysonsva #vienna #virginia

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It was a Barbells and Burritos kind of night at CrossFit Chesapeake's 17.4 throwdown tonight! Great job to everyone who gave their all to this leg destroyer! Special thanks to our amazing coaches for ALL you do, to @seed_ofthe_king and @daiseyphoto for all the awesome pics and to @thomas_quick for delivering our delicious @burrito_perdido! Next week is it - 17.5 and CFC's After the Open Celebration! See you there #cfcfamily!!! #crossfitchesapeake #17point4 #itsreally16point4 #stillasuckfest #proud #barbellsandburritos #rxproshop #rxps #wefuelthemachines #deadlifts #wallballs #rowing #hspu #weloveourmembers #weloveourcoaches #crossfitopen2017 #intheopen #crossfitchesapeakebuildschampions #crossfitchesapeakebuildsfriendships #fitfamily #fitfriends #fitness #crossfit #weightlifting #kiloflightclub

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You don't need machines to get fit and healthy. In fact, machines are often used incorrectly. Come to a gym where every movement is coached and if you're doing it incorrectly, you will be coached and corrected so that your body will receive the maximum benefit of each movement. We don't use machines: we develop your body into a machine that's toned, fit, and prepared for life. #crossfit #layneperformance #hardertokill #fairmontwv #crossfitintense

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Tomorrow will be the scored 17.4. How did you do today if you did it for fun? #moveliftplay #crossfittysonscorner #cftc #wod #crossfit #workoutoftheday #crossfitopen17point4 #crossfitopen16point4 #crossfitopen #crossfitstrong #crossfitlife #fitlife #handstandpushups #justdoit #tysonscorner #tysonsva #vienna #virginia

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17.4 complete. Also, Chris Duncan Ferrell, no rep buddy.